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GIS Laserfiche

luckless pedestrian

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Hey what's your thought on Laserfiche?

We are moving our files to Laserfiche and it will also be geo-located with our GIS system so I was wondering if anyone else has used this before?


Laserfische is extremely common and really useful for file retention. The key to success is your indexing and organizational structure for storing the files. The jurisdiction that I currently work for hired temps when they scanned everything into laserfische and didn’t know anything about the indexing. It’s a nightmare to search now. The previous jurisdiction I worked for was going to setup the indexing for section, township, range (which never changes), address, parcel and file number. They wanted to be ready if they ever implemented the link to the geospatial data. I’ve heard of jurisdictions having issues because they tried to index by parcel number so it was easily related to the geo-spatial parcel data but parcels change and the ancestry was a tricky thing to track with both laserfische and the parcel data to keep both connected.