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Latin America's Axis of Evil


As you may well guess, this means Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia.
What's so evil about them? Basically they're fighting against other latin american democracies (Chile, Ecuador, Uruguay) and trying to de-stabilize them. Bolivia's democratically elected president would have never been thrown out if it weren't for several financing aids from Venezuela to the revolutionary leader Evo Morales.

It seems an anachronic Socialism versus Capitalism battle, pushed by the usual suspect, Fidel Castro. Supported by the semi-dictator Hugo Chavez, and thanks to oil exports of Venezuela, they support revolutionaries.

They bring up the eternal dispute of Bolivia's sea. They lost it 100 years ago by signing the 1904 treaty, in which they lost sovereignty of the sea access, but Chile did compromise to give the "freest of the access" to the sea to Bolivia. We built railways and roadways for Bolivians, so they could transport them to Chilean ports. Besides, there are many other land-locked countries that are not poor, and being this the 21st century, information technologies are more important than ports.

Chile and Peru are the countries that have taken away less territories to Bolivia than others. Brazil took about 400,000 sq Km; Chile 120,000 sq Km. yet we're responsible for their bad situation. When it's been like that always, since they became independant Bolivia has been one of the most anarchic countries.

As of late, Bolivia lost an important Natural Gas deal with the US, because it meant that they would export it from a Chilean Port, and we would also buy some of it. Also, Chile was negotiating with Bolivia for a Free Trade Agreement; Bolivia sent it to the trash can.

Don't blame us for your own stupidity!

Thanks... and sorry for the rant, you may discuss.


For the life of me, I cannot figure out how the little island called Cuba has so much influence over the Americas. WTF??? Castro is getting quite old, when will he “retire” already?

Bolivia is a lost cause without a coast and the willingness to deal with Chile and/or Peru.

Venezuela is a serious problem for us all. They have oil and money. Right now a popular thing to do for wealthy Venezuelans is to invest their money in real estate here in Miami because they are afraid of nationalization in Venezuela. We (as North, Central and South Americans) need to pay much more attention to the situation there.

The Irish One

Sure shot and Chavez are cozy, so give the dictator Chavez credit for at least communicating with FARC, we all know he understands their struggle. Venezuela, well let's see, People can now get food and milk for the amount of recyclable materials they collect out of the dumpy streams all around Caracas , 20-25% unemployment, Colombia has those numbers as well but they've got a civil war and their oil industry is not as developed as Venezuela's excluding Baranca. Bolivia should resort to its pre Euro civilisation days and forget about national boundaries. Cooba, Feedel works with FARC.