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Life during extended vacation from planning

Earl Finkler

am in the 8th month of semi-retirement from a Planning Job with great benefits. Now I do the sign-0n shift on local public radio in the a.m. and free-lance writing in the afternoon. It also leaves much more time to develop my interest in amateur astronomy.

Earlier this week, I got out a big telescope on a chilly 10 below zero, but crystal clear, night in Barrow, Alaska and saw the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus ---mving toward each other in the Arctic night sky. Had some friends and their son over. my wife Chris got out of her sick bed to come outside and look too. Then we switched to the new Moon and then to lovely Saturn, almost a billion miles away.

I've had many great moments in Planning, but sometimes it helps to just stop all the stress and catch the beauty and peach all around us. Just wanted to share that.

Earl Finkler
Earl the Farthest North Cub Fan