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Literature on UGBs (?)


As a ugrad, I'm seeking for more literature that seeks to measure the effectiveness of growth boundaries....

My target area is preferrably Lancaster Co, PA; but I'd like any literature from anywhere at this point.

Here's what I have (the usuals) plus numerous books on general growth management.

Weitz, Jerry and Terry Moore. “Development Inside Urban Growth Boundaries: Oregon’s Empirical Evidence of Contiguous Urban Form.” Journal of American Planning Association Vol. 64 (1998): 424-441. (including a case study)

Knapp, Gerrit J. “The Price Effects of Urban Growth Boundaries in Metropolitan Portland, Oregon.” Land Economics. Vol. 61 (1985): 26-35.

Knapp, Gerrit J. and Lewis D. Hopkins. “The Inventory Approach to Urban Growth Boundaries.” Journal of American Planners Association. Vol. 67 (2001): 314-326

A Line in the Land. Staley et al....

When Country and City Collide. Daniels....

Sprawl Busting....