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Since we're discussing coming back as someone else, I thought I would resurrect this old thread about tapping into someone else's mind now. I've changed my mind. I would mind meld with Samuel Clemons (Mark Twain).

Mark Twain would be an interesting choice. I am a great admirer of his writing. I think you might find the mind-meld a bit sad. He definitely had his demons in his later years. Tapping the mind of the writer of "Buck Fanshaw's Funeral" (his early work) would be nice, but tapping the mind of the writer of "The Mysterious Stranger" might be very sad (written after losing his wife and a daughter).

I would pick Jimmy Buffett. Would I love to be Jimmy Buffett? Yes. But I could never do it half so well as he does it.

Bear Up North

Cyburbian Emeritus
This Bear is going to roll out a rather complex (for me) answer.....

I actually could not come up with a name. As I pondered the question I was trying to imagine how some of the more prolific Cyburbians would have answered (or did answer). At that point, I began to ponder those "missing" Cyburbians......those who left a while ago or just recently. I thought about the reasons they left.....either publicly or just via the old abandonment route.

So, my twofold answer (with no actual logic attached).....

Barry Sanders (NFL running back.....I still don't understand the exit.)

Dolores Hart (1960s "hot" actress who chucked it all and became a nun.)

Space Cadet Bear