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Lodging and timeshares

Sedona is updating their community plan. As a tourist town, we want to know what other communities have done to address the proliferation of lodging uses. ?'s:

1) What have other communities done to limit lodging/ timeshares as a proportion of their commercial land base?
2) Have other communities required mixed commercial uses in conjuction with lodging?
3) Any examples of density limits on lodging uses? (justifications?)
4) How do other communities provide for Bed and breakfasts, units? zoning?



It is my understanding most resort communities are working hard to preserve lodging and prevent conversion to condos or other uses since "warm" tourist beds provide a great deal of activity in town and support other commercial activities. Maybe Sedona is saturated?

We borrowed the "fractional fee unit club" concept from Summit County, Utah. It's a variation on the interval ownership thing...similar to timeshares, but managed like a hotel. We find the FFU concept has worked much better than the traditional statutory timeshare concept - better maintenance/upkeep, occupancy during shoulder seasons, etc.

Our lodging district provides a mix of uses (fractional fee/timeshare units, retail, restaurant, conference facilities, etc.) and we handle B&B's as a conditional use in most residential zone districts. We have mixed use districts that allow lodge units on the upper levels but require other uses at the first floor (retail, restaurants, etc.) to maintain a vibrant pedestrian experience at street level.

Feel free to e-mail me if you would like copies of our stuff.


I've been told that some communities, New Orleans for one, have put moritoriums on time share. As far as bed and breakfast and things. I've always tries to treat it like other land uses. Define it and determine the proper district(s)/zone(s) for it to be located in.