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Looking for information


Over the next few months I am compiling a database of land planning resources for sustainable tourism at decisionsbydesign.com. This will be a “go to” place where organizations can go to get resources or find links to resources for a tourism component a comprehensive plan, historic preservation iniative or ordance This is the sort of resource I have looked for, and as I didn’t find it, I feel compelled to create it. Before I start to “reinvent the wheel”, or start a comprehensive literature review, I am looking for suggestions and directions to planning resources.

Can anyone recommend sources for the following?

•Planning ordinances related to tourism i.e. Mackinaw Island Michigan U.S.A. has become a big tourism attraction by forbidding motorized vehicles.
•Design regulations and guidelines i.e. Frankenmuth Michigan U.S.A. promotes tourism with design regulations which require the downtown buildings to use faux Bavarian vernacular architecture as a means to promote tourism.
•Management guidelines i.e. Parade regulation and street vender regulations
•Policy i.e. dealing with adult entertainment, gambling or other forms of “purple recreation”
•Environmental Psychology

Spreadsheets, modeling and environmental impact tools are especially welcome

Thank you in advance for you co-operation
Tracy Mullins

Lee Nellis

First, get a copy of Balancing Nature and Commerce in Gateway Communities by Propst, McMachon, and Howe. It refers you to lots of material. You may also find additional resources at the Sonoran Institute's web site: www.sonoran.org. In fact, I believe that SI's CAT database (Conservation Assistance Tools) which was funded by the Department of the Interior will overlap substantially with what you are trying to do. You should also take a look at the Healthy Mountain Communities web site (www.hmcolorado.org, I think).