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Los Angeles zoning code featured in The Office opening credits


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Shorpy should be bookmarked by every planner; it features some incredible high-resolution vintage photos of street scenes and the built environment, among other things.

In a recent Shorpy entry, a reader discovered that the opening credits of The Office featured an excerpt from some draft revisions to the Los Angeles Zoning Code.


Along the lines of the Beaver Letter, we're excited to present the Jim Letter from the opening credits of "The Office." You might think it would have something to do with the Dunder Mifflin paper company's Scranton branch, but actually it's a Los Angeles Department of City Planning (zoning) document showing revisions to the L.A. Municipal Code. Specifically, Section 12.22.C.20(f). It has to do with "Projections Into Yards," and can be found on Page 33 [375] of this PDF.