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Form-based codes Louisiana Land Use Toolkit - free form-based code templates


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Lost the post from yesterday, so I'll post about it again. The Louisiana Land Use Toolkit (https://www.landusetoolkit.cpex.org/) is a great resource for a small city or town to draft their own form-based code, without having to hire an expensive team of consultants.

From the site:

The Louisiana Land Use Toolkit is a new resource available to help Louisiana communities achieve their desired goals – strong, efficient, and beautiful towns and cities. There are three ways a community can use the Toolkit. The first option is for the local legislative body to adopt the Toolkit in its entirety as a full development code. The second option allows a local legislative body with an adopted zoning or subdivision ordinance to adopt either the zoning or subdivision elements of the Toolkit in their entirety. The third option involves the local legislative body adopting one or more of the tools in the Toolkit as independent ordinances.
The templates include:

* An implementation handbook (several PDF sections)

* A core zoning code module (PDF and Indesign)

* A core subdivision code module.

* Plugins for added regulations / requirements. (PDF and Indesign)

Cover and contents
Airport overlay district
Rural corridor overlay district
Historic overlay district
Parking standards
Landscaping standards
Outdoor lighting standards
Outdoor storage and display standards
Sign standards

* Application forms

Submittal requirements
Pre-application request
Zoning permit
Administrative adjustment
Appeal of administrative decision
Subdivision request
Site plan review
Special use permit
Zoning map amendment
Planned industrial development
Planned development
Planned neighborhooddevelopment
Text amendment

* Editable vector files (not Sketchup .skps, though.)

Several communities in Louisiana have adopted FBCs based on the Louisiana Land Use Toolkit model, including poor rural and minority-majority towns. I really couldn't find any Louisiana-specific provisions that wouldn't work in other states. They'll need some changes for local conditions, of course, especially in "little NEPA" states. There's also a Louisiana Coastal Land Use Toolkit that's more localized for Gulf Coast communities.

My only complaint -- editable files are in .pdf and Adobe InDesign format. A lot of FBC templates use InDesign, but many communities don't have it. I'd love to see some FBC templates in Word, even though they won't have that polished Code Studio/Opticos look about them.

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You'd be surprised what you can do in Word now... if you've got some skills you can get damn close to InDesign levels of document appearance. Plus, Word is easy to codify if a city codifies its ordinances.