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Master Sign Plans - Yea or Nay?


Unfrozen Caveman Planner
Staff member
What are people's opinions on master sign plans for large developments? How do they work to your experience?

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We are planning to include such a mechanism in the revision of our sign code and I need to get a good idea of how they function and the quality of their outcomes.

I am thinking toward a looser set of guidelines for the master sign plan section, which I think would be much better than a very prescriptive one.

Picking the throbbing brain!

Repo Man

I think that they are great as long as they are not too rigid. I think that some communities will have a rule that says all signs must be a certain color and then yoy may end up with a monotony of signs that all look the same. I think if you have guidelines that stipulate similar materials, types of signs (individually mounted channel letters for example), and number of signs.

The best thing about a Master Sign Program is that you eliminate those ugly multi tenant signs where every tenant has a panel with 2 inch lettering that traffic has to virtually stop to read to see if their destination is even there.

Here is a link to our ordinance