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Mature Planners On Mars

Earl Finkler

;-) Hello Earthbound planners around the world. Hope your music keeps you going and creative, even in the depths of the winter.
There was a letter to the editor in the Anchorage Daily News recently from a senior citizen criticizing the two Mars landers and rovers. Said the money should be used instead for senior citizen medical care, because more doctors are refusing to see Medicare and Medicade patients.
Having just turned 64 (like in the Beatles song) I hear his concerns about adequate medical care.
But I think older planners and other folk can be inspired by our explorations of Mars, and later Jupiter's moon Europa and even later Neptune's moon Triton.
All may have some form of life --although Triton might be a reach.
Robotic space explorers are not that expensive ---probably not something Haliburton would even accept a sole source contract on. The War in Iraq consumes a lot more money that our space program ever will --especially if we keep focused on robotic craft for a while.
No matter what our age, we can wake up in the morning, click on a NASA web site and follow the rovers around the surface of a whole new world!!! And take a telescope out at night, maybe with a couple of grandchildren coming along, and look at the wonders of Mars, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter and the Moon, etc.
So I hope the space program keeps going.
Also, keeping mentally and physically active can help seniors cut medical costs.
Keep looking up!!!