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Memorials, statues, public art on private property

Kathy Bodmer

We were contacted recently by our local American Legion to find out if they could place a tank (a real 20-ton unit!!) on their property. The tank would serve as a memorial. The Legion told us that they have to follow certain standards in order to display the tank. In the meantime, we are trying to figure out how best to regulate memorials. We are a suburban community of under 50,000 population. The Legion is located in a limited business zoning district that does not permit "outdoor storage or display." Currently we do not have provisions for memorials, statues or public art on private property. How have others dealt with this? Any thoughts would be appreciated

mike gurnee

Advice from a 25 year planner (I almost wrote veteran): find a way to allow it; life is too short for you to go against God, country, and patriotism.

It is not what we usually mean by outdoor storage/display, it does not fit into sign definitions very well. Can you consider it parking of a vehicle? I would tend towards calling it an accessory use/structure.

Do you really need ten or pages of regulations for "memorials" when used once or twice in a lifetime?