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Architecture Mid-century modern houses

WSU MUP Student

Lately I've been running through some neighborhoods I've never really explored and when running through a typical suburban subdivision, I usually make an effort to eventually run out and back on every dead end and cul de sac. I was doing this yesterday morning through a really large neighborhood of '50s and '60s ranches. Most of the homes were pretty standard for this area, although quite a few had some sort of MCM flourish, then I turned down a very short cul de sac with 4 houses and 3 of them were real MCM gems.

Looking on Zillow, one of the houses was on the market a couple years ago and thankfully the pictures are still available. Here's a few standouts:





The three houses in question were built in '56 and '57, and looking at some old tax documents, I have a feeling they were all built/designed together by the same team. The three also all have detached garages which is sort of out of place in this neighborhood. I wouldn't be surprised if they originally had carports.


I like going through the pictures and looking at design ideas. My house isn't MCM, but I think the furniture style would fit it.

A nice book about MCM buildings in my area. I think you can get you a better price then Amazon though. I think there is also a book about MCM homes and restoring them. I'd have to look, but I could find it if you want a copy.

A list of some buildings in the area: