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Minimum lot size for commercial uses?


Anyone have any leads as to where I can find info regarding appropriate densities for commercial landuses? I have a proposal for a 15 unit motel, a restaurant of undetermined sqaure footage, and a 23-unit RV park, and a 4-lot mobile home park/residential area on a 7.82 acre peice of land.

Lee Nellis

Commercial Density

Sue: Don't know if you will be looking at this still or not, I haven't done much with Cyburbia for a while and didn't see until now that your message was from Polson. If they are still using the code I wrote for them in 1993, whether the uses you listed would fit would depend on the practical realities of site shape and accessibility combined with code requirements for off-street parking and landscaped buffers. There is really no need for the code to specify a miniumm lot size if the buffers, parking, and buildings fit. Unless the site has an unusual shape, the uses you listed will easily fit onto a 7+ acre site. The uses you listed would (again if the code is still more or less the way it was originally written) require an internal buffer between the residential and commercial uses on the site.