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Graduate/Masters MIT DUSP or Harvard GSD

Hi All!

I've been accepted to the MUP program at Harvard and the MCP program at MIT. Both have offered me the same amount of financial aid, but Harvard has offered me a research assistantship to boot.

According to my interests, which focus more on policy, my gut is telling me to go with MIT. However, Harvard has been doing a great job at "wooing me" with calls from professors and students, and they have also sent out a lot of material for me to look over - something MIT has not done. Why I'm hesitant to go with Harvard is because of the overly-focused design-based curriculum. How important are design skills to an urban planner? Is it a make or break?

I'm an international student, so I won't be able to attend any of the Open Houses, and thus I'm resorting to any help I can get.

Do I have any people who were / are in the same predicament? I would love to hear any sort of feedback as I really am having a difficult time making this decision.