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MIT OCW for Urban Studies and Planning

The Irish One

It's a wimper of an opening for the much anticipated Open Course Ware project/ practice. They have put one class on line so far. (US&P) http://ocw.mit.edu/11/11.208/IAP02/index.html

Transportation planning methods class (Eng)

I can't wait for this is the future.

1. Provide free, searchable, coherent access to MIT's course materials for educators in the non-profit sector, students, and individual learners around the world.

2. Create an efficient, standards-based model that other universities may emulate to publish their own course materials.

We expect OCW to reach a steady—though never static—state by summer 2007. Between now and then we will be publishing more MIT courses, adding features such as extensive metadata tagging, launching a comprehensive ongoing evaluation process, developing and enhancing our content management and publishing technologies, and evolving our internal staffing and workflow. In this early pilot stage, we will benefit enormously from your feedback as we strive to make OCW as rich and useful as possible.