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Community development 💪 Mitigation planning: Medicare data on electricity-dependent beneficiaries


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Potentially useful data for population protection, special needs for evacuation and sheltering.


This data allows you to see the number by zip code.
The ^above^ link to the U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services emPOWER Map still works and has the potential to be immeasurably useful. (The last sentence was qualified with the word, "potential", because everything is only as useful as the accuracy of the data.)

The web page design was last updated on 12/6/2016, and the link reroutes to a shorter:

The web page says that the data on the page was last updated 2 days ago:
Data last updated: 3 December 2020

The Medicare Beneficiary information is, by default, sorted by state.
It can also be sorted by:

  • Counties within a State (alphabetically)
  • Zip Codes (numerically)
  • Type of Natural Hazard (see below)
  • Map Style (see below)

It can be sorted with any of the following list of Natural Hazards:
  • Pacific Hurricanes
  • Atlantic Hurricanes
  • Radar
  • Flood Outlook
  • Precipitation
  • Storm Prediction
  • Long-Duration Hazardous Weather
  • Short-Duration Hazardous Weather
  • Wildfire Activity
  • USGS Earthquake Data

It can be sorted with any of the following list of Map Styles:
  • Streets
  • Satellite
  • Hybrid
  • Topology
  • Gray
  • Dark Gray
  • Oceans
  • National Geographic
  • Terrain
  • OSM (OpenStreetMap)