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Mixed use areas

John Percy

I am looking for innovative and successful tools/techniques for dealing with multiple parcel/multiple owner areas that are clearly heading toward having a mix of residential and non-residential uses someday. Our objective is to provide direction for future development while giving owners in the area as well as residents adjacent to the area assurance that new development will be compatible. The challenge is to do this without necessarily rezoning any of the parcels now, since most of the owners have no immediate plans to develop anything and are in fact perfectly happy to just live there or to just own their vacant parcel. Comprehensive plans, zoning and other techniques that meet the above would be appreciated.

Lee Nellis

Mixed Use Areas

It seems that the best approach would be to write a specific plan for the area and amend that into the community's comp plan. If this is done through an open participatory process it should help allay people's concerns while retaining the flexibility needed for the future. It will work better for the future mixed use developments if you lean toward a performance approach rather than Euclidean zoning. Ideally you could amend the zoning code to include an agreed upon set of performance standards that reflect the specific plan. This would provide neighbors with a high degree of reassurance.