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Mixed Use Zoning


I am trying to find examples of Bedroom Communities that have a mixed use-zoning district that has been successful, in the idea of new urbanism. It would be helpful if you could list hyperlinks to any that you know of.

I am starting to put together a proposal to create such a district here. We have a Planned Development, but it does not allow for any commercial. So that is not fun.

SW MI Planner

Here is our PUD ordinance that allows mixed uses.

Here our some provisions:

(a) Compatible residential, commercial and public uses may be combined in PUD districts provided that the proposed location of the commercial uses will not adversely affect adjacent property and/or the public health, safety and general welfare. Building site area and other setback requirements of the Residential Districts shall apply, except as modified in this chapter.

(b) The amount of land devoted to commercial use in a residential-commercial development shall be determined by the Planning Commission and approved by the City Council.


(b) When the planned unit development proposes a mixture of residential uses with commercial uses, the Planning Commission may limit the development to not more than eight percent of the tract to commercial uses.