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Modern Zoning Standards / Performance Standards for Industrial Development


Afternoon all,

Quick question for the forum on industrial development and zoning. We are looking at revising our industrial zoning district and standards, which seem to date back to the 1970's (ugh).

We are looking for good examples of modern industrial zoning districts and development standards. There is also interest in establishing performance standards for new industry to 'weed out' the more 'undesirable' noxious industrial uses.

Examples we have found so far include:
Durham, N.C. - particulate matter standards
Portland, Ore - buffering, setbacks, landscaping & screening requirements
Herndon, Virginia - standards for storage of flammable materials
Fort Collins, Co - hazardous materials management & planning

If anyone can provide some other examples of good modern industrial zoning districts, development standards, or performance standards, we would appreciate it. Thanks.