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More of a reason that the UP rocks!

Bear Up North

Cyburbian Emeritus
Marquette remains my retirement destination. My wife, Katie, is considerably younger than me and she is NOT looking forward to a life up north, with long cold and snowy winters.....with a hubbie who will be fishing, etc., while she works.

But.....she loves the north, loves Marquette.....just not in the winter.

Marquette does get 200-plus inches of snow. Lake Superior in the winter is an awesome sight. I have stood on the shores of Gitchie-Gumie (sic?) in February with the temperature at minus-39 actual, with no wind. I have stood on ice flows in February that were rocking, with the temp at almost 60-above. As the wind drives the ice up to the shore it creates huge piles (mini-mountains) of sharp, blue ice.

The north woods (including Marqette) is absolutely beautiful during the autumn color change.

In Spring and (early Summer) the fishing is HOT....and so are the black flies and the squeeters. Hundreds of lakes and streams all around the Marquette area. Great trout fishing, big Muskie fishing (the fish of ten thousand casts, if you are lucky), smallmouth, Northerns.

Michaelskis mentioned in another thread that Marquette was ranked # 2 by a biking magazine. The path along the lake is long, flat, paved....and stunning, because of the lake. Mountain bikers have some great choices.....these paths work their way down the escarpment, through old ore towns, along abandoned railroad paths. through rocky outcroppings and thick northern woods.

In Summer it really does get warm. A few years ago we were hiking to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain.....a fairly-good-sized hill north of town with a steep upward trail and about 500 steps built into the big rocks near the top. The temp that day was near 90-degrees and I had on a black Pittsburgh Steeler T-Shirt. Jerk...me.....with tons of sweat pouring off my bod. Ahhhh, but the view from the top.....Marquette to the south, the curve of the big lake, working its' way toward Munising, to the east. The Huron Mountains to the northwest and to the west.

It's a college town, so there are plenty of co-eds.....I didn't look, honest.....(55-year old leech....)....

The iron ore towns west of Marquette, including Negaunee and Ishpeming, are a history buff's garden of eden. And, try the "Cudigi" (sic?)....a burger made with sausage, beef, cheese and spices. Yummm.....

Moose.....west of Marquette. Van Riper State Park is a good place to camp yourself and search the back roads north of US 41 for moose. These guys were actually air-lifted into the area in the 1970's (or early 1980's) in a trade with Canada. I think we traded Richard Nixon for the moose.

I could go on and on. Couple of bars in Republic.....one (1) in an old bank. Been there, done it. Stump's Tavern, on US 41, Three Lakes. (The last time I was in Stumps, a tornado had just gone through the area, knocking out power and tearing down some trees and a few buildings. We sat in Stump's, drinking by candlelight.

Of course, when I retire there I will give up drinking......not......

Bear In Da Marquette Mood By Dat Dere Fish Camp By Da Lake


Wulf9 said:
And Sacramento is a livable region?

Hey! Sacramento is beautiful. You would have to live here to appreciate it... lots of trees, green space, parks, rivers, cool people, etc...