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More on England

Earl Finkler

Thanks Perry and all you good folkk on the board.
I didn't know about devices to help the canal boats pass each other. So much to learn.

We walked for several days on magnificent trails along the Cornwall coast, starting at The Lizzard, the southern most point in England (even some palm trees there --truth)
And walked 6 or 7 miles a day, up and down and around the coast. Then each night we'd go into the nearby town and find a bed and breakfast. They say the small towns were spaced way back so folks could walk from one to the other.

Also took a walking tour of London and found out about the rapidly rising real estate prices. Some of the most expensive real estate in the world. The guide said Saudi Arabia residents could buy up large parcels, no matter what the cost.
And some land still owned by royalty or those from noble backgrounds and then portions are leased off, but never sold.
And some leases wind up for 6-12 years, after that the person with the lease has to renegotiate or lose everything.

Also took a haunted tour in Penzance in Cornwall. Left for the walking tour after dark and learned all about mayhem and spirits in the dimly lit corners of town, often up very narrrow cobbled streets
more later. I can't wait to go back.
So many friendly and helpful people in both London and rural areas.