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More relocation questions

Tall Fella'

I've just applied to four planning grad schools and read the previous thread on relocation with interest. Here's what people seem to be saying: transportation, envrionmental planners, relocation easy, zoning and sub-division planners, relocation harder.

Is that about right or overly simple? I live in the South now, yet I'd like to go to school on the West Coast for transportation or urban design and eventually move back south. Has anybody out there done such a move? Would Southern/East Coast planning agencies be immediately suspicious of someone who's formal schooling took place in Oregon or California? I ask this half-jokingly of course.

Vice-versa, is it hard for someone from a Southern planning school and internship background to get jobs on the West Coast? I've also applied to a Wisconsin planning school and that might be another animal altogether. I'm curious to hear people's thoughts on this.


Perhaps you've summed it up alright. Maybe transportation and environmental planners are viewed as specialists working with a consistent framework and set of inputs. Local variation is not as significant. More general planners are influenced to a greater degree by local custom and regulations, and state legislation.

(Note: This is not my view, but my thoughts on how some employers may view the different types of planning.)