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More Smart Growth

Perry Norton

Cyburbian Emeritus
A neighbor dropped in to share her comments about Smart
Growth. She lives in an old community which we would
probably label as being "close to downtown". This is what
she said:
I read your note in the Cantina about "smart growth".
Good points. But it's pretty hard to get people out of
their cars..even when things are close together. I could
walk to the post office, the movies, the supermarket, the
the stationary store, the library, the shoe repair, the
the hairdresser, city hall (all wtihin a half mile)..but
I couldn't carry much, or get it done as quickly as I need
to. On the other hand, if the car DIES altogether I'm
not completly stuck. Ann

Earl Finkler

Perry, your neighbor Ann has some good points about walking to various locations. It can be a pleasure, especially when there are sidewalks, trails, etc., not to mention natural beauty and interesting places to stop. But TIME can be a key factor. One can usually make much better time in a vehicle, and carry more stuff.
But perhaps many of us are trying to cram too much into our schedule. I usually walk to work---around one and a half miles away. Then I have to prioritize my stops after work. In a vehicle I can go here, there and everywhere in short order.
But I do not meet people while driving my car. I cannot hear birds sing or watch small children play in our numerous puddles.
Thanks, and Happy Fathers Day Fathers.