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More Tronna Alefest pictures, eh?


Dear Leader
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Larger versions are available in the Cyburbia Gallery, under the new Alefest category.

(General Toronto photos I took aren't going to be in this thread. Sorry!)

Ms Tranplanner, Tranplanner, donk, JNL and Cardinal at Eaton Centre.

JNL, Ms Tranplanner, Tranplanner, donk, Cardinal and Tranplanner lunching at Bright Pearl, a dim sum restaurant in Chinatown.

Cardinal attempting to use chopsticks.

donk and JNL shop in Kensington.

donk photographs a brutalist monstrosity.

The gang leave Eaton Centre, and head to Bier Market.

A reminder of home for JNL. Genetically unmodified honey from Kiwiland.

JNL and Cardinal at Bier Market

A few of teh hotties JNL kindly brought us when she returned from the bathroom.

More of teh Canadien houtties. donk will probably make regular weekend treks to Bier Market now..

JNL avoiding Steinlager.