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Moving property lines

I dont know if this is the right forum for this discussion, but I have a question. We just moved into our home in September. When we bought the place the owner and agent told us the property line on the left side of our home went straight down the middle between our home and our neighbors. After we moved in and met our neighbors, they also agreed that this is where they THOUGHT the property lines were and so that is how they mow their lawn, etc. We decided that we wanted to put up a small 3 or 4 ft picket fence in our backyard to keep the children out of the road so I went last week to town hall to get a copy of the property lines to make sure the fence was put on our property. That was when I found out that our neighbors property actually runs right behind our home. (about 40 feet in from the front of our home. Our wooden playscape is actually 1/2 on their property even though it is directly behind our house. THey obviously dont use this part of thier property and dont even know that it is part of their property, but we were wondering if it was possible to move property lines if both parties are in agreement, and if we should even approach them about this. What do you think?


Corn Burning Fool
Staff member
Usually this can be done if both resulting lots conform with the minimum lot sizes and street frontage. Basically you would be buying the land from the neighbors. It is best to seek legal advice when buying property.