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Mozilla 0.99 or IE 6.0?


Dear Leader
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The more time I spend playing around with the latest beta of Mozilla, the more I like it. It's relatively fast and stable, and there's some features that IE doesn't have which come in quite handy -- tabbed browsing and the ability to control cookies, involuntary full screen windows, pop-ups and pop-unders from the browser, without a separate plug-in or proxy.

About two years ago, fed up with Netscape's constant crashing, I finally gave up, and crossed over to the Dark Side. IE renders pages well, but the need for constant security updates, and MIcrosoft's refusal to implement any sort of pop-up control (plug-ins dont work 100% of the time, unfortunately), makes the prospect of my return to Mozilla very likely. (I tried Opera, and I don't like it -- the interface just seems sort of clunky and amateurish.)

Anyone wlse using Mozilla? What are your thoughts?

el Guapo

I use IE6

I have IE 4,5,6, opera, star office and Netscape in addition to several Linux browsers. I try to look at my work through all of them on a regular basis. But for every day use it is IE 6 despite it glairing flaws.
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