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Cyburbans 🧐 My favorite wedding so far this summer.....

Had a Polish wedding for my husband's Cheektowagian cousins in Buffalo this weekend. The result of which is me still feeling like Miss Crabtree even today, two days after the event - the highlights of which: doing tequila shots with all rob's old aunts, two polkas with his old uncles and the capper being me talking the dj into letting me stand on a table and sing "The Barley Mow" to the newly weds. (for those non-gaelics on the board, the barley mow is a long and complicated song, toasting the ancient measures of alcohol.) but man it was fun. weddings rock. three more to go this summer.

So let's hear your favorite wedding story (but not in the lame ass way of TLC's A Wedding Story....)


Cyburbian Emeritus
I'll wait for the Wedding Horror Stories thread, then post a few.