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Naive (and just plain stupid) internet mistakes


Okay... I just made a big (dumb) booboo on google. I was thinking about the RUGGED thread and I thought... "I wonder what's at ruggedman.com." I was just curious if someone had registered it... so I type in the address... and then... it opens up a porn page for big gay hairy men. Luckily I wasn't at work! I should have known better... but sometimes I have these lapses where I forget that the internet is one big double entendre waiting to happen.

But my friend Mark's story is the best (or at least it's my favourite so far). He runs his own web design consulting business and he was doing a presentation for some potential clients. At one point he was trying to explain a design concept and decided to show them a previous website he had worked on: KINK 102 FM. KINK's website is at www.kink.fm ... but of course he types in .com instead. The suits and ties at the end of the table are looking up at the live webfeed on the projector screen and their eyes are practically popping out of the sockets. Pop-ups of naked guys in leather are all over the place and finally, flustered, he shuts down the laptop because he can't close all the pop-ups fast enough.

Anyone else have any experiences?

Edit: This thread will likely have links to websites (or mention websites) that are not "work appropriate" so be careful what you click!


Not related to web sites, but rather to mail, specially our beloved SPAM mail...

The Naive and Stupid internet mistake is to click on the unsuscribe link... It's used as an activity detector to check their mail db that they got for a quarter an adress burned on a cd. :D

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RichmondJake said:
By mistake I went to whitehouse.com rather than whitehouse.gov.....oops....

One of the planners at work did that a couple years ago. He came out of his office sweating: "I didn't mean to do it. Oh God, I better call Information Services". He didn't think the Internet Gestapo would overlook a simple mistake.

My sister in law (married to my brother) was playing around in chat rooms when she first connected to the internet. Then she started receiving all kinds of porn in her email. I'm still wondering who she was chatting with and about what. Hmmm...


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A friend of mine used to work for a furniture company, and she was researching their competition. One of the was named "hooker'. Without thinking she went to www.hooker.com and the rest is history.