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Name the LRTP Newsletter


The Decatur (IL) Urban Area Transportation Study has just begun the update of its Long Range Transportation Plan. DUATS has hired a consultant to complete the plan. They are about to release the first project newsletter and have asked the member constituencies for ideas for a name for the newsletter.

What does the "Throbbing Brain"(TM) think? I need some creativity here. Here are a few facts about the area that might get the creative juices flowing:

Decatur is "America's Agribusiness Center" (TM). We are the headquarters of agribusiness giant Archer Daniels Midland and are known throughout the world as the "Soy Capitol."

The largest truck in the world, the Caterpillar 793 (about the size of your average two story house) is made here in Decatur.

Decatur is the original home of the Chicago Bears. The team was started in the '20's by a local industrialist who hired George Halas to run it. The team was sold to Halas a few years later, who then moved it to Chicago.

Decatur is well known for labor unrest, bad Firestone tires (yup, the exploding ones on the Explorers were made here; that plant is now closed), Jesse Jackson interventions, and lysine price fixing schemes. Besides all of that, it's not a bad place, really. Really.

So, armed with all that, what transportation-themed name should we use for our LRTP newsletter?

The Irish One

Urban Trend
The Sprinter
Motion of the Bowels aka BM
Get Moving
Progressive Transportation Paradigm
Rheostat Traffic Solutions Newsletter