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nano feudalism


Urban Sprawl as as a nano feudal society.

Nano. A prefix meaning 10^-9 or one billionth. Used loosely to mean "small"

Feudalism . A political and economic system based on the holding of land in fee.

Isn’t it about time to see a monologue hypothesizing urban sprawl to be the re-emergence of feudalism? Of course there are a few differences. The fiefhold is 5,000 square feet, which doesn’t allow much room for vassals – unless one can count the house cleaner on Thursday and the gardener every other Wednesday. And with nano manors so proximate one to another, the lord/mistress of the manor does not have the absolute control said owner imagines. The master of 151 Shadybrook Court maintains his livestock – an overweight calico cat, two golden retrievers, a toy poodle, and a mongrel terrier sort of animal. The master of 157 Shadybrook Court, fatigued by incessant yowling and barking, fires up his un-muffled two-stroke weedwhacker, then commences to pulverize various front yard items, including most of the un-mowed lawn and two internally lighted pink plastic flamingos, creating a cloud of PM-10 particles containing chlorophyll and hydrocarbon bits. The mistress of 154 Shadybrook Court, having watched the border wars for many years, finally determines to take action. She walks to the bedroom, picks up her AK 47, made fully automatic with mail order parts, puts it on the bed, then grabs the phone. With a quick beep, boo-beep, boop, boop de beep, she is connected. “Hello, Planning Department, I would like to report an animal and a noise violation on Shadybrook Court…..”