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need some help Perry


I was wondering if you can give some advice about my prospective planning career. I am very interested in economic development. I essentially want to be exposed to venture capitalist, business people, developers. My whole point is that I would like to eventually be a land developer and a venture capitalist. What attracted me to the profession is that I knew that it would teach me how business is done. I want exposure and contacts from these people so that I can learn from them. Do you think I'm on the right track? I was seriousely considering doing a masters degree in real estate(mba). What do you recommend? Is Planning the right profession for what I want? Please help!

Perry Norton

Cyburbian Emeritus
Pete, it's a little difficult to tell what's available
at Waterloo, but I would advise you to get your MUP there,
augmented by courses in "real estate". Then get a job in
planning. Get to know developers who think straight,
learn the difficulties they encounter. Soon enough you'll
be in a position to move ahead professionally. But, to
repeat, get a Master's degree in planning.