Planning practice 👔 New architecture/interior/lighting firm name: help!


Two of my colleagues and I are partnering in a new firm and would like to discuss naming conventions and firm name ideas.

A name is a small thing and one's work should make the name, not the reverse, but marketing in this century is so key to the level of success in the many design markets, we thought we would open up the discussion and hear what others think.

A common method of course, is going by the partners' last names and terminating with "Architects" or "Associates", i.e. Barbieri|Mason|Lyngard Architects.

There are many reasons supporting this convention, most importantly -a clients comfort and pleasure in knowing they are dealing with a partner and being able to refer to their architect and architect's firm by name, in conversation and so forth.

There is the abbreviated form of this, being the initials of the partners, i.e. BML, which has its merits in its simplicity and inevitable extrapolation. We are not favoring this.

There is the option of going with a translational approach such as "Morphosis" or "AI5" or in our case "3ArchIntLight" or "Synth" or something of that sort.

Of the three partners, one is an Architect, one an Interior designer and one a Lighting specialist/Artist. Our strength and focus is innovation in design in three disparate but inherently related fields. Ideally we would like the firm name to be catchy i.e. roll-off-the-tongue appeal, while insome way reflecting our distinctions and maintaining a uniqueness.

Many Thanks.