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Announcement New FEMA Independent Study Course - IS-1109.A: Understanding Basement Coverage


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Course Overview
Understanding Basement Coverage reviews key characteristics of basement buildings and discusses covered and non-covered building and personal property items located in basement buildings. The final section concludes with Special Adjustment Issues.

Course Objectives: At the end of this course, you will be able to:
Identify characteristics of a basement
Distinguish between covered and non-covered building and personal property items in basements
Identify special adjusting issues related to a basement claim
Explain coverage limitations associated with basements and document accordingly

Primary Audience
Flood Claims Adjusters employed by a claims adjusting company, insurance companies that write NFIP flood insurance (WYO), or contracted to work through other adjusting companies, salvors, engineers, architects, building code officials, floodplain managers, local officials and the general public

Recommended Prerequisites: IS-1104, IS-1107, IS-1112

Course Length: 1 hour