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New Light Makes Street Look Cleaner


Toronto area developer Fred DeGasperis used to hear frequent complaints from home builders that buyers expected a discount for lots containing "street furniture", the term used by the industry to refer to the utility boxes that sit on front yards and distribute telephone, cable or hydro services. DeGasperis' solution was to design a new light post called the Trafalgar Pole that is capable of housing these utility services in its wide base, thereby removing them from nearby lawns. While purchasers are not always able to immediately identify what is different about developments that use the pole, they do recognize that the streetscape is significantly improved. Utility companies also like the pole because it makes locating utilities much simpler, particularly during Canadaian winters when ordinary utility boxes can disappear under a snow bank.
What a brilliant idea. Why didn’t someone think of this before? I can easily see this spreading to all subdivisions one day and even adds some character to the neighborhood. Anyone have any images?