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New power plant controversy-environmental hazards

I am working in Planning in the Northeast. Currently there is a large amount of controversy regarding the proposed site for the plant. The site is assumed to be heavily contaminated as various hazardous chemicals have been found in residential water supply nearby. The site is also scarily close the the aquifer recharge zone. The company which owns the site is holding on to the property and refusing investigation of the site by the EPA or anyone else. What I would like to know is if anyone has any experience with this type of situation or any set precedents. The local EPA chapter has basically shrugged their shoulders but I have heard rumors that there are ways that access can be gained to the site, presumably under a clause for protection of the common good etc. Can anyone with information or knowing of any further resources reply here??


It seems as if there is a real hazard thought to be associated with the (previous if not continuing?) use of this site, which may threaten public health. Under such conditions, it may be possible to obtain a court order allowing access to the property to investigate potential contamination which may threaten the public. I have used this route to gain access to abandoned properties.