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New Sig idea

Super Amputee Cat

On another vB site I belong to - a movie site - a lot of the members post their ratings of movies they have recently seen in their sig. I thought it might be a great idea to try here as well.

Simply rate some recent movies you've seen and put those ratings in you sig. You can rate them on a star rating (* to **** stars) letter grade (like I've done), 1-10 scale, etc.

I simply break the movies down by venue (basically TV vs the Cinema) and assign a letter grade, but feel free to add info on the director or a sentence or two of your comments on the film if so inclined. You might also want to mention if this is the first time you've seen the movie or if its a repeat viewing.

I rate my most recent 6 movies in each venue and update them accordingly. Others on the movie site have put as few as three (but with comments) or as many as 20.

Can't remember all the movies you've seen recently? Then simply start a new list of movies as you see them in the future. Or put down your all time Top 10, such as I plan on doing as well.

This should be great fun.



this will be great ... lets see... the last movie i saw in the theater was finding nemo, in my best Ed McMahon impression:(3 1/2 stars!).....the last dvd I saw... finding nemo. (3 1/2 stars)

I won't bother creating a sig :) I need to see more movies apparently.