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New Suburban Zoning


Progressive, sprawl reducing zoning coming.... to South Carolina! Have communists taken over Charleston? Has anybody checked with the state Southern Baptist Convention to see what they think?

A short,badly written article about new suburban zoning guidelines aimed at promoting infill and reducing sprawl in the City of Charleston. badly written article


imagine having to read articles like that everyday.

The idea is great. Across the river from Charleston, in Mt. Pleasant, they've already been experimenting with that to carying degrees. They've got some great new urbanist developments and they also have some pathetic knock-offs.
I think Charleston can get it right.

In interesting aside - we have this abyssmal highway, US 130 that runs from Camden to New Brunswick. It's a typical NJ highway complete with jughandles, jersey barriers, etc. What's unique about it is that for almost the entire length it's completely moribund. Abandoned strip shopping centers loom 400 yards back from the highway.

A task force was put together as a joint venture between the DVRPC, Burlington County, and the State to tackle the problem.
Several hearings and workshops were held to guage public opinion. The last one i went to had about 200 people in attendance. A survey was given that guaged preference for certain types of development being projected on a screen at the front of the room.

After all was said and done, the residents chose as their preferred option, to keep the highway vista exactly the same as it is now. What they wanted were more sidewalks, curbing and trees/landscaping and fewer billboards. They seem to think that will be enough to rescue the highway from its current state.