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New term & impact - pharmacy deserts'


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pharmacies are increasingly important pieces of the national conversation around health care, especially where health inequity already exists.

more flexible defining radius than other kinds of “deserts”;
it changes based on the level of access a community has to cars or other transportation. Where transportation is limited, an area is classified as a pharmacy desert if there is no pharmacy within a half-mile.
For Chicago communities where many residents own cars or have access to cars or plentiful public transportation, an area is a pharmacy desert when there is no pharmacy within 1 mile.

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Small-town budgets hurting from loss of mini Walmarts

The disappearance of the Walmart Express pharmacy, which in many towns were the only pharmacies, has also played a role by reducing the number of customers entering the Dollar General stores.

"The pharmacy ... made customers come to the stores to fill purchases," Johnson said. "There's less people visiting store, and mathematically if there's less people in the store, there are less purchases being made," of various other items.