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Newest Park Service site - River Raisin Battlefield


Has anybody been there there yet ? Michigan Cyburbians or Teh Bear ?
Very interesting story.
I've been there. Even did some work because of it.

I took my parents there a few years back on a lets get em out of the house and see some stuff thing. There was a docent working there who made me dress up in a deerskin coat. If that was not creepy enough she put a head dress on me that was made from a bear! To make it worse she was so impressed that I was so compliant that she tok my pic and put it up on the billboard by the front entrance.

I got some mileage out of that and use it to help my street cred, but it sure was creepy!

The visitor center had just installed some interesting exhibits that explained the war when I went. My involvement has been linking it with the City and nearby State Park. My role has not been huge, but it helps funnel the dollars to those who have bigger roles.