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Old threads that should be in different subforums: report them here


Dear Leader
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The thread title says it all. If you see any old threads that would be a better fit in a different subforum -- especially old threads from the Friday Afternoon Club -- post the URLs here, followed by what subforum you think they should go in. You don't need to explain why. The more threads in a post, the better. (A few of the Planning and Placemaking subforums sill be merged in the coming year, but that shouldn't matter.) Thank you!

Project Management Software similar to PMP is currently in Workplace and Careers. Consider moving it to Planning Technology.

A few years ago I went to some of the oldest posts in the FAC and noticed that some were especially interesting and still relevant. Listing a few of the oldest and still relevant over here:

Currently in the Friday Afternoon Club:

Mondragon-like (Vert Hues) Coopereative Society (Should probably go to)-->Community and Economic Development sub-forum

Elder care--> Community and Economic Development sub-forum

Paying for school-->Student Union sub-forum

The view from your office-->Workplace and Careers sub-forum

German Architectural Education and 'good day'-->Student Union

How much do you get paid?-->Workplace and Careers

Orlando-->Cities and Places sub-forum (Consider merging this topic with others on Orlando.)

Company Car-->Workplace and Careers

Friday afternoon GIS rant-->Planning Technology (Since thread is 20yrs old, consider adding 'history' tag.)

Loads more- to be continued on another day...

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