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OMG my town is embracing TND


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Embracing TND

A neat little story to share with you all:

Our suburb is still on the fringe of Milwaukee Metro. Very much a bedroom community. Our "downtown" is series of strip malls built between 1964-1984. And its horrible. Those were days before design regulation was enbraced. The oldest strip mall was dilapitated and ordered razed 4 years ago. The owner has left the vacant property stand with its 100,000 sq ft concrete floor, crumbling parking lot, abandoned pole sign and light standards...etc. Its a hellish sight in the heart of the community.

In 2002 our politicians finally formed a Community Development Authority. The idea being, if the current owner cant get a project built, the CDA will intervene in the market to the extent necessary, with condemnation as a last resport. The process has begun, however, this is a conservative town and people are generally oppossed to government interference.

To get people motivated we had a "visioning" session and visual preference survey last fall. Based on the results of the survey, our consultants did site designs based on TND principles. Pretty radical stuff for a 1960's settlement-pattern-dominated-burb. The unveiling was at an Open House presentation yesterday. Amazingly, the vast majority of people liked it. The only negative comments came from a vocal minority (which every proposal will have). They had comments like, "Why make things walkable when no one in this town walks" and "Why are you making me walk". So, we've got a little education to do, but its going in the right direction...

Here are links to:

The rendering


The Site Layout This is a big honking PDF but okay if you have braodband.


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Looks very cool Brian....I'd love to see something like that here!