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open space planning


I'm a brand new user from Oz - the great southern land. Town planner / landscape architect / rapidly ageing surf fanatic (the wet stuff not the ether).

I'm currently responding to a brief from DIPNR (our esteemed planning authority in the state of New South Wales) for strategic planning for a significant open space corridor in the outer suburbs of Sydney. One of the requisite areas of assessment listed in the brief is "High level knowledge of current trends in open space development and management." Now my level of knowledge in this area is as high as the next man's but can any body help me with sites that are at the cutting edge?

Would much appreciate any leads.


Some places have zoning requirements and uses that preserve open space (such as farming, preserve, or natural recreation). Having an understanding of how the text can be used to prevent further development, as well as the skills necessary to convince local governments, commissions, boards, citizens, and developers that this is a good thing.
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Conservation Easements Are In

Hello OZ,

Conservation easements are in, certainly one's that allow tax credits or write off's. I don't know how your system of tax collections works, but this is a hot topic here in the states. Many states now have tax credits in the form of property tax credits or discounts. In Loudon County Virginia, you can sign a 5,7 or 10 year easement agreement on your land in exchange for discounted tax bills every year. If you build on the land before the end of the easement obligation, you then pay back taxes with interest as a penalty....

In Colorado tax credits are recent and used with conservation easements that allow large areas to be protected in exchange for tax relief of some kind....depends on value of land....Good Luck...