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Organized Sports and My softball team


Lets hear it for Dragon’s team.

I’ve been playing in the city’s recreation Softball League. One of the guys that work in the building here plays with me and a few guys I know from school/old job. Our team was off to a great start, winning both of our first 2 games and outscoring the opponents by 10 or more points.

Our last 2 games have been a landslide though. The team has been outplayed, beat mentally, and physically as I, the catcher, was cracked with a bat by an idiot batter that left me with a relatively useless thumb, and a black eye 8-! :-@, and shortstop collided with center fielder in an attempt to catch a ball. The first loss came in part to some bad calls, we might have had a chance had it not been for that, and third baseman dropping a few catches. The second loss, well, we were just beaten.

We have made a few changes in the batting lineup, and positions. I’m healing, and should be able to play. I want to improve on this 2-2 record.

This is your opportunity to post pad, and wish us luck. I wanna be 3-2 at the end of today!!

Also, any of you out there involved in organized sports in your community?

Zoning Goddess

I coach my son's U-11 soccer team. We are undefeated so far (4-0) but I am having problems with over-excitable parents on the sidelines during games.

Anyway, best of luck to you!

Repo Man

I play softball for a local Irish Pub. I think this is year 8 or 9. We started off being terrible, but the last few years we have been respectable. Two years ago we finished 2nd and missed the playoffs. We begin the season tonight. I am excited, but missed our only practice this spring so I hope that I don't strike out my first at bat.