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Outdoor Storage used as Advertising


How do you deal with regulating outdoor storage used as attention getting......advertising????

For instance a company that manufactures parts for fork lifts........they are requesting a CUP to allow outdoor storage for their use which is located along the freeway. I have seen these fork lift businesses along the freeway in other cities and they have their fork lifts all the way up with flags coming out etc...

I simply told the guy that I would support outdoor storage if we locate it close to the building, away from the freeway, and screen the hell out of it. He told me I was anti business and that is why our city is growing like the cities around us. I think I'll take that as a complement.

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Sorry.......I meant our city isn't growing as fast as the cities around us!!!!!

Repo Man

We have a strict sign ordinance, so several companies began parking their delivery trucks as close to the street as possible. These trucks had huge logos and phone numbers on them. Our ordinance has the following text:

"Signs on Vehicles. No sign shall be erected or attached to any vehicle except for signs painted directly on the surface of the vehicle, magnetic signs, and bumper stickers. The primary use of such vehicles shall be in operation of the business and not in advertising or identifying the business premises. The vehicle shall be parked in a designated parking space, but shall not be parked in the right-of-way. Vehicles parked in a manner considered by the Community Development Planner as a means of advertising shall be in violation of this Chapter.Cartop carrier signs of a political nature are not meant to be excluded by this Section."

You could probably add the text "Signs on vehicles AND EQUIPMENT....."

What we did was make these companies have designated parking areas for delivery trucks and we ensured that they were in an area where people could not see the signs on the trucks. It is also nice that I have have the authority to determine if they are advertising or not. Usually it is pretty obvious.

Also, any storage of equipment or materials must be screened, eliminating the problems you are encountering.


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The Ultimate Zoning Code Where Just About Every Worst Case Scenario Has Been Thought Of offers up its wisdom to those what ask.

The important stuff is bolded.

(Land Use Standards / Commercial and Retail Uses)

306.28 Large item sales and rental – class 3

306.28.2 Definition

Class 3 large item sales and rental -- use of any building, land area or other premises for display and sale, lease or rental of the following:

Large vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of ≥7,500 pounds that are generally not intended for sale to the general consumer market. This includes flatbed and workbed trucks, buses, tractor trailers, dump trucks, yard trucks, and similar vehicles.

Trailers, tow dollies, and any equipment or machinery designed to be towed by a vehicle.

Moving vans, trucks and trailers.

Construction, land clearing, hauling, earth moving, drilling, aerial lift and heavy equipment.

Forklifts, bobcats, trenchers, boom lifts, man lifts, and similar items.

Air compressors, generators, mobile pumps, and similar items.

Farming, agricultural and arborist equipment.

Recreational vehicles, including motor homes, motor coaches, travel trailers, fifth wheels, fold down trailers, camper trailers, and similar items.

Truck caps, lids, campers, camper shells, cargo extensions, cargo covers, tonneau covers, plows, racks, bed liners, and similar items.

Small portable buildings, sheds, garages, gazebos, decks, and other pre-fabricated structures (not mobile homes).

Prefabricated and above-ground swimming pools.

Bulk mulch, wood chips, soil, fill dirt, peat, gravel, rocks, sand and similar items.

Bulk construction materials.



Accessories related to the above items.

306.28.3 Permitted locations

Class 3 large item sales and rental uses are considered subject to the special review process in the I-G district.

Outdoor storage of inventory, and repair work or other repair service conducted as an accessory use, is considered subject to the site plan review process.

The unattended display of large items for sale in the public right-of-way, undeveloped parcels, or other private property that has not been approved for large item sales and rental, is prohibited in all zoning districts.

306.28.4 Conditions

Outdoor storage of class 3 large items is subject to general performance standards regarding outdoor storage and display.

Class 3 items must be presented and stored in a way that minimizes their visual impact. Extending vertical elements on fruit pickers, cranes, truck mounted cement pumps and other equipment must be kept lowered.

(Land Use Standards / General Performance Standards)

311.7 Outdoor storage and display

311.7.1 On site and off-site storage

Outdoor areas used for storage and display of items related to a business on the property (on-site storage) are permitted only for designated uses in the permitted use table. Outdoor storage and display of items not related to a business on the property (off-site storage) is permitted only in the I-G zoning district

311.7.2 Vehicles for sale

Outdoor display of vehicles for sale or rent, at sites approved for that use, must conform to the following requirements.

Vehicles must not be displayed or stored in the public right-of-way, private access roads or internal drive aisles.

Vehicles must not be displayed or stored in a landscape area or buffer.
Vehicles must not be displayed or stored on elevated pads, ramps, or similar structures.

≥75% of all inventory vehicles must be parked behind the front building line. ≥50% of the parking in front of the front building line must be reserved for customer parking.

Only automobiles, vans, light trucks, and sport utility vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of <7,500 pounds that are intended for sale or rental to the general consumer market may be parked in the row closest to the public right-of-way and private access roads. Vehicles in the parking rows closest to the public right-of-way must not be not be marked or “dressed up” with attention-getting displays and devices normally not found on vehicles owned and driven by the general public.

Inventory vehicle parking must not cause the amount of parking available for customers, employees and general loading to decrease below the minimum amount of parking required by Land Development Code parking requirements.

311.7.3 Other products for sale

Outdoor sales of items not described in §311.7.2 must conform to the following requirements.

Display of items normally produced or sold in the principal structure on the property is permitted during business hours only. Merchandise must be moved indoors or to a completely screened area after business hours.

Items must not be displayed between the principal structure and the public right-of-way. This does not apply to nursery stock, sidewalk sales and street fairs in the C-V district, farmer’s markets, flea markets, temporary off-site large item sales, Christmas tree sales, and garage sales.

Items must not be displayed or stored in a landscape area or buffer; in the public right-of-way or on private access roads; or on elevated pads, ramps and similar structures that serve primarily to increase the visibility of the items.

311.7.4 Vehicles to be repaired

Vehicles storage for repair is permitted only on parcels approved for minor and major vehicle repair businesses.

Vehicles stored for repair, and all related parts, must be placed in an area inside the building envelope, completely screened by a decorative masonry wall 6’ to 8’ (2 m to 2.4m) tall.

Ten or less wrecked or inoperable vehicles may be stored outdoors at a major vehicle repair businesses, for active restoration projects or customer repair work.

311.7.5 Junk

Outdoor storage of junk is prohibited.

311.7.6 Recreational vehicles and boat storage in residential areas

Special areas for the storage of recreational vehicles and boats may be designated in residential developments either during the initial review of the development, or later considered subject to special review. Such areas must be owned and maintained by a homeowners association, and only vehicles and boats owned by residents of the development may be stored there.

Otherwise, off-site storage of recreational vehicles and boats is allowed only in the I-G zoning districts on a parcel approved for vehicle storage use per §307.9.

311.7.7 Large items

Large items must be presented and stored in a way that minimizes their visual impact. Fruit pickers, cranes, truck mounted cement pumps and other equipment with extending vertical elements must be kept lowered.

311.7.8 Trash enclosures

Storage areas, solid waste dumpsters, trash compactors and large items for solid waste pick-up must be kept in a completely screened area.

311.7.9 Screening

Items stored outdoors must be screened so they are not visible from the public right-of-way and adjacent properties. Chain link fencing is not a permitted screening material.

Screening requirements do not apply to working farm equipment used on an operating farm, or construction equipment, vehicles, building materials and field offices for use on the property during the time a building permit is in effect for construction.

(Site Design Standards / Signs)

411.5 Prohibited signs

The following signs are prohibited in all districts, unless noted.

Signs that have changing light, color or motion effects, whether intentional or resulting from a defect. This prohibition includes, but is not limited to:

• Blinking, flashing, chasing, strobe and alternating color lights, whether included into a sign or not.
• Electronic message centers.
• “Eye catchers” and similar shiny devices designed to reflect light and create a glimmering or flashing effect.
• Signs emitting flame, smoke, steam or other visual matter.
• Signs with animated or rotating parts.

This prohibition does not apply to:
• Signs with flashing or chasing lights on concessions and rides at special events such as fairs and festivals.
• Holiday decorations and light strings displayed during December. Light strings must not outline or highlight a sign.
• Rotating barber poles at a legitimate barber or beauty shop.
• Accurate time and temperature displays.
• Warning signs and markers placed by government authorities.

Signs placed in or over the public right-of-way or public property. The Town may remove any signs in the public right-of-way or on public property.

This prohibition does not apply to:
• Permanent development signs, as authorized by the Town Commission.
• Signs placed by government authorities.
• Banners placed on a light pole, utility pole, or over a street, as part of a special event of general civic interest.
• Signs authorized by the Town Commission.

Signs placed on vehicles and trailers which are parked and used primarily as a sign.

Signs and posters placed on trees, fences, light poles and utility poles, excepting parking lot zone signs on light poles.

Banners, pennants, balloons, streamers, and other temporary signs, except on a temporary basis as described in §340.06.

Attached signs placed on a roof or above the parapet wall of a building, excepting signs on water towers and smokestacks.

Freestanding signs placed where they might obscure a clear view of traffic on intersecting streets, and traffic warning and control signals and signs.

Signs that closely resemble or imitate official signs and traffic control devices.

Signs blocking doors, windows, vents, stairs and ramps.

Off-site advertising and directional signs, including billboards. This restriction does not apply to garage sale signs, temporary personal opinion signs, or freestanding signs in commercial and industrial areas identifying a business on an adjacent flag lot.

Signs built and displayed without a sign permit, if a sign permit is required.

Portable signs, A-frame signs and snipe signs.

Signs originally built as portable signs, permanently mounted on a building or the ground.

Pylon signs.

Large objects such as cars, boats, engine blocks, home appliances, heavy equipment, industrial machinery and similar objects used as or included in freestanding or attached signs.

Signs not expressly allowed in this secton or elsewhere in the Land Development Code.

So sayeth the Code.