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Outstanding examples of plan policies

Lee Nellis

Ok, this is the last of these threads, at least for now. It should be obvious that I am doing something silly like trying to write a book. I also seek examples of well-written planning policies from rural counties and small towns, especially from counties. My definition of well-written is that the policies are a great deal more specific than the typical Mom and Apple Pie policies found in most rural plans, and that they are well-linked both to a basis in fact and public discussion, and to reasonably specific implementation policies. Do they exist? Your help in tracking them down will be appreciated! There is a publication budget for this book, so those who provide an example I use will actually be able to see it in print sometime next year …

el Guapo

I know of a guy...

Contact a Mike Gurnee, A.I.C.P., P.D.Q., B.M.O.C., R.C.M.P., E.I.E.I.O. at mikeg@trails.net. He has done some nice work in Dodge City and Ford County, Kansas.