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Overlapping Authorities

We are looking for effective procedures to coordinate multiple design-related authorities. We have one Board for general design downtown, another for historic reviews, and another for public art. The code itself encourages certain design outcomes.
Should we use joint hearrings, one body recommending to another, a federated approach with representatives from each body...?
Please let me know what you have found works well and what does not. Thank you

Derek Chisholm


We have joint comittees. For example, our industrial use committee has reps from the fire marshall, building, environmental, planning, water, sewers, etc... The planning Dept chairs the comittee and we have joint hearings, with everybody making a recommendation to the planning dept, who has the final say. We have been able to come to a coordinated decision most of the time, so there has been little conflict about the decision that the planning dept. makes. The only time that it has been split down the middle, the applicant withdrew the application anyway. The chair represents the entire committee (thus, many city agencies) to City Council and ZBA, and has administrative responsibilities such as sending out and publishing notices (we hold a public hearing), meeting with aplplicants, and dealing with the appeal.