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Parking in a PUD


I have a developer that is adding a new phase to an existing 230 lot single family development. The development contains acommons area, that has a tennis court, basketball court, play ground, swimming pool, and a 900 square foot club house. The new phase will add 51 new homes and an additional 1800 square foot club room. There are currently 38 parking stalls at the site, with no plans to add more. Our ordinance doesn't list a parking requirement for this type of use. The closest thing listed is an assembly hall/meeting room, where the requirement is 1 stall for every 3.5 seats.

This is a conditional use, so the PC has a lot of leeway in determining if the existing parking is adequate, but does anyone have an ordinance that specifically lists this type of use or that deals with parking at parks or recreation facilities?


Your code doesn't provide space requirements for health club type uses? Many cities here identify each of the uses you describe, so the total requirement would be the sum of the individual uses. If it is within the development, you might support a reduction of spaces because hopefully some people aren't driving to the park, but site visits during evening and weekend hours would help with that info.

City of Phoenix:
Their cop out: Public Assembly, Active Recreational - Requires parking study or is based on previously approved parking interpretation for a like use
Enumerated uses:
Basketball and volleyball courts - 9 spaces per court, 6 spaces per half-court
Fitness center - 1 space per 150 s.f. floor area
Racquetball/Handball Courts - 3 spaces for each court
Skate Board Tracks - 1 space per 400 s.f. of track area on a concrete surface open to the public
Swimming Pools/Spas - 1 space per 60 s.f. of deck area
Tennis Courts - 3 spaces for each court

Good Luck!