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Parking Parking required in zoning ordinace

Bryan Shults

What I am looking for is a copy of a zoning ordinance that permits hotels and motels, however in addition to hotels if the hotel has an attached restaurant I am trying to find additional requirement for the restaurant such as additional required parking. SOme hotels that have attached restaurants not only attract people staying allnight they also attract people to the restaurants only. I am looking for conditions that can be used by the BZA when reviewing these type of uses.

mike gurnee

We toiled over this issue for some time. Our regs say to provide parking "equal to the requirements for each principal use." The principal use definition includes: "...A property may have more than one principal use for regulatory purposes; i.e., a motel which includes a restaurant designed and offered for the general public in addition to motel guests shall meet the parking requirements for both land uses." As policy we determined that if a motel restaurant has a separate sign and a separate entrance, it is offered to the general public.