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Partnerships in parking garage development


Bounty Hunter
Does anyone know of any examples or case studies in which a private developer partnered with a university or college to build a parking deck? Here in an Ann Arbor, MI, the DDA and the University partnered to build a parking deck that opened last summer. But I'm curious if a university ever worked with a private developer to build one, so both had access for their customers to use the parking spaces.


Well, Grand Vallet State Univ has permission to use the Van Andel Museum Center parking Ramp. I don't know if they partnered to build it. It is known as the Museum ramp But I think the Eberhard Center has been in its location longer than the Museum Center. It is only two bucks for students to park. Come to think of it I think It is open to students only for evening classes. And now that the Pew Campus is finished there is plenty of flat parking available for students, so the ramp probably sees less use now by students.

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